We all love being in control, however when you come to a hospital for treatment, it feels like control has been taken away.

A serious illness like a heart attack or cancer, leaves you helpless and strips you of your identity and self-efficiency. Waiting on the results of blood tests that will bring news of a disease like cancer, cause a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. In a government hospital there is no television to entertain you. It is you, your thoughts and your fears. With no one to talk to and medical staff being busy with medical procedures, this can be a nightmare.

HospiVision wants to be Jesus with skin on. Someone to talk to, someone that listens without condemnation or criticism, someone to share your sorrow and pain with.

Hospitals are also places where families receive news about a disease being incurable or need to say their goodbyes when a loved one dies. As a father, mother, son, daughter you want to fight for your significant other but you feel helpless in dealing with their pain as well as your own. The nursing staff call us in when machines have to be switch off and parents are heartbroken when a child dies. Due to an accident, a person may lose their legs and have to face the trauma of adjusting to a wheelchair and needing assistance of someone to care for them.

So many intense emotions and trauma leaves us feeling that God has forgotten about us and lost our address. That is why our physical presence in 13 government hospitals makes such a huge impact on patients, their families and the staff of the hospital. We are the hand on your shoulder, someone to wipe your tears. Our presence reassure you in your crisis that God’s promise is true that He will never forsake you or leave you on your own.

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Our biggest financial challenge is paying the salaries of the 40 staff members delivering this service to take people’s hand and be an ear in the darkest hour of their lives.