To Believe in Sunshine: Narrative Practices in Journeying with Depression

Pretoria September 9-11
Cape Town March 7 – 9

Day 1 – 8:30 registration for 09:00 start; finish 16:00
Day 2 –  09:00 – 16:00
Day 3 –  09:00 – 13:00

Venue:  HospiVision Offices in Pretoria and Cape Town

Facilitators:  Dr. Andre de la Porte (pastoral therapist)


  • Attendance R700
  • Attendance and University of Pretoria certificate (R1300 i.e. R700 for course + R600 for additional assignments / and issuing of UP certificate)


For more information and registration form contact June Kriel:  012 329-9492 / 012 329-4420 /

15 CPD points for SAAP/CPSC members and Dutch Reformed Church Pastors

Depression is a disease that can have a profound impact on your life and relationships, in particular if you do not understand what is happening to you.  Your behaviour change and if you and your family are not equipped to deal with it, it can be devastating for your relationships. This course is for everyone who has ever struggled with depression, have family or a friend who is living with depression or who are in a helping profession where they work with clients living with depression.  The experience of having depression will be explored, frameworks provided for new choices and strategies and we conclude with practical suggestions for journeying with depression. 


Exploring Depression

  • Sharing stories of experiences with depression
  • The different faces of depression
  • Exploring ways of coping with depression

Understanding Depression

  • Medical and Psychiatric Perspectives on Depression
  • Psychological and Social Perspectives on Depression
  • Depression in the Family

Journeying With Depression

  • Narrative Practices and Depression
  • Externalizing Depression
  • Food for the Journey
  • Skills for the Journey
  • To believe in Sunshine: No Matter What