No one can ever say that he will never fall ill. It can happen to anybody; to someone close to you or even yourself. Imagine the joy of having a compassionate HospiVision friend when you are facing illness, hospitalization or surgery, someone who can support and comfort you as patient and your caregivers through your journey through adversity. At HospiVision we assist people to regain as much of their humanity and dignity and integrity as possible, despite their health struggles. Illness impacts both on the individual and those around them. That is why we want to help people get their lives back. The cancer, the heart attack, the operation, the trauma becomes a smaller and smaller part of how we think about ourselves and we recover our capacity to focus on the things that are of value to us – family, friends, play, the community, spirituality, artistic expression, work…..to live with HOPE!

Our Services


  • Implementing and managing spiritual care programmes
  • Offering a volunteer service facility through which patients and personnel are visited
  • Making 24-hour trauma counselling to patients, their families and staff available
  • Supporting medical personnel and caregivers through special employee assistance services
  • Presenting HospiVision Time, a weekly program on Radio Pulpit, a national Christian broadcaster
  • Promoting Choose Life, a value based HIV programme for church, community and youth leaders
  • Hosting The Oasis, a support network for people living with AIDS and on anti-retroviral therapy
  • Leading the Hopeful Compassion Programme, counselling opportunity for those coping with HIV
  • managing the Children’s Care Train, a resource for children coping with various health crises
  • Creating accredited training opportunities for those who want to engage in similar outreaches

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